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Do you Car pool? Then Use Transit Lanes for easy travel

Getting to office in the city? Oh God..!!!!! can’t think of traffic at 9:00 on Monday Morning. Well we car-poolers don’t have that worry. We have transit lanes which is cheap , easy to access and well that fixes the problem. Melbourne’s 7.5 KM of transit lanes run on the Eastern Freeway during the morning […]

Car pooling and its Advantages

Car pooling also known ride sharing is a way where two or more people can share a single vehicle to go to a particular place or events. Governments all over the word strongly encourage its people to do car pooling for various reason.Below mentioned are some of its advantages : For Individuals Reduced travelling expenses […]

Carpooling / Ride sharing etiquette –

Of course! Every carpool is unique, but good etiquette is always essential to keep it running smoothly. Good etiquette takes into account communication, courtesy and the safety of everyone in the carpool. See this list of do’s and don’ts for shareurride users. Communicate with your fellow car-poolers. If you are running a few minutes late, […]