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Yet another reason to Ride share/carpool

According to The Age, state government has scrapped a $5.4 million plan to set up 110 car pooling schemes. Melbourne is choked with peak hour traffic. The report says that ‘The number of motorists receiving a $141 fine for driving in bus and transit lanes has increased by more than 60 per cent in one […]

Do you Car pool? Then Use Transit Lanes for easy travel

Getting to office in the city? Oh God..!!!!! can’t think of traffic at 9:00 on Monday Morning. Well we car-poolers don’t have that worry. We have transit lanes which is cheap , easy to access and well that fixes the problem. Melbourne’s 7.5 KM of transit lanes run on the Eastern Freeway during the morning […] ! WHAT’S IN IT FOR ME?

WAIT!!! We really want you to read this. Yes, that’s you and yes it’s really important. What will it take to make it happen? Maybe a personal note of appreciation? Or a starbucks coupon? What makes this a vital read is that it talks about what shareurride means to you. How do I know if […]

How safe is our Carpooling

As the Greek saying goes, “Know each other as if you were brothers; negotiate deals as if you were strangers” Although statistics show car pooling is very safe we have made our website more secure for a better ride. Secured information: Our member’s safety is our first concern. Shareurride carpool has made sure your personal […]