How safe is our Carpooling

As the Greek saying goes,

“Know each other as if you were brothers; negotiate deals as if you were strangers

Although statistics show car pooling is very safe we have made our website more secure for a better ride.


Secured information:

  • Our member’s safety is our first concern. Shareurride carpool has made sure your personal information is kept private. Contact details are never made available to other members. Its our members choice to exchange details upon request.

Exchange of information:

  • Our members can exchange messages securely through our secure messaging system without using their personal email address.

Rating system:

  • Our rating system will help you in finding driver or co passenger that will best suit you. We kindly request our members to give their valuable feedback after their trip which will help our other members.

Suggested trips:

  • Our suggested trips tab will suggest diver/co passenger within in and around your own suburb.This will help you in easy planning.

Knowing your driver/co passenger better before:

  • If our member is a Face book user we have ensured they log into our website via face book id so you can see their profile picture and get to know them better before travelling.

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