Do you Car pool? Then Use Transit Lanes for easy travel

Getting to office in the city? Oh God..!!!!! can’t think of traffic at 9:00 on Monday Morning. Well we car-poolers don’t have that worry. We have transit lanes which is cheap , easy to access and well that fixes the problem.

Melbourne’s 7.5 KM of transit lanes run on the Eastern Freeway during the morning peak and Hoddle Street in the afternoon. The lanes are also used by buses and taxis.

There was an article on ‘ The Age’ newspaper about Transit Lanes. It says Supporters argue that more lanes would cut travel times and reduce crippling congestion by encouraging more people to travel together — a move that would also cut carbon emissions. That’s exactly why we car poolers are here for..!!!

“If you can increase car occupancy that means more people in less cars, which is much better,” Mr Negus said.

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